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Together with ACN,

Nine Dragons is growing steadily with a well-positioned strategic development roadmap. As a premier partner and supplier to Nine Dragons, ACN has direct access to one of the largest buyers of recovered paper in the world. This is a tremendous advantage for our suppliers, enabling us to provide them with business continuity regardless of fluctuations in the global market.


Paper Manufacturing 

1. Dongguan

2. Taicang

3. Chongqing

4. Tianjin

5. Quanzhou

6. Shenyang

7. Leshan

8. Hebei

9. Vietnam

14. Malaysia 


Pulp and Paper Mill

10. Rumford

11. Biron

12. Fairmont

13. Old Town


ND Paper Headquarters


No.12, Xincheng Road, Songshan Lake High-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, China

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