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From the start of the order process through fulfillment, we pay meticulous attention to the details of every transaction. We have access to virtually all global shipping, rail and trucking routes, as well as ports in major cities worldwide.

Logistics Services

We take tremendous pride in having our logistics teams in-house. Our strong relationships with our ocean, trucking, and trans-loading partners enable us access to rails, shipping routes, and ports all over the world.  From the land to the sea, and everywhere in between, ACN has a solution.

This has resulted in shorter shipment cycles and improved efficiency in our supply chain. By keeping up to date with the latest news and industry trends, our teams are able to find the most cost-efficient routes and resolve any logistics related problems.
Large Paper Rolls

Paper Trading 

As a top leader in the fiber trading industry, we recover over seven million tons of paper annually from North America, Europe and Asia. Our dedicated team of purchasing, customer service, and logistics professionals provide efficient order processing, fast materials pick-up, and timely shipment bookings. Regardless of where the material is sourced, we can cost-efficiently and reliably transport it to our customers.
Aerial View of Containers
A Crane Lifting a Container
Modern Container Terminal
Cargo Ship
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