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Charting the Future

Transforming Recovered Materials
into Valuable Resources
around the World
Leading Recovered Paper
Direct Supplier to the World
World-Class Logistics & Transloading

We Believe 

In a consistent and reliable business model. We practice using knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and loyalty in our work.

Stop Talking

Start Now


by giving back to the global community. Recycling is a core part of our business and our people’s daily practice.


Our Greatest Self


We work collaboratively towards our common goals regardless of individual roles or functions. We foster equal opportunity, continuous learning, and an openness to innovation and new ideas.

Take Back

the Planet


We continually enhance and increase our investment in environmental management by procuring equipment that is safe for our Earth.

Global Headquarters 

1163 Fairway Drive
City of Industry, CA 91789

U. S. A.

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