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Established ACN Charity Foundation

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Published July 1, 2022


Transformed Around the World

Doing the right things. Doing things right.

Published Nov 1, 2021


Established ACN Korea

ACN officially opens its new office in Seoul, South Korea.

Published September 1, 2020


Established ACN Taiwan

Expanding its presence in Asia, ACN establishes its office in Taipei, Taiwan.

Published July 1, 2018


One Millionth Container of Export

ACN celebrates its ONE-MILLIONTH container of export from Europe at Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Published September 1, 2015


Established ACN Japan

Recognizing Asia’s strong demand for recovered paper, ACN sought out to make its mark and established ACN Japan in Tokyo.

Published August 23, 2007


2nd European office

ACN establishes and expands its second European office in Manchester, the United Kingdom, ACN UK (now MLM Ltd).


Published Dec. 2005


Ranked #1 Exporter in the US

ACN is ranked the top exporter in the United States based on volume. ACN continues to be a top exporter in the United States to this day.


Published May 20, 2001


Expanded European office

ACN expands and establishes its first European office, ACN Europe, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since then, ACN Europe has grown to become a leader in the export of paper resources for renewable resources in Europe.

Published March 1, 2000


Nine Dragons in Dongguan China

Founders Yan Cheung and Ming Chung Liu establishes Nine Dragons Paper Group in China, now a public traded company in Hong Kong, and also the largest and most successful containerboard manufacturer in China.

Published August 23, 1995



Founders Yan Cheung and Ming Chung Liu starts ACN, which has now become the leading exporter of recovered paper in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Published May 20, 1990

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