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Korea Chung Nam Corp

In 2013, ACN established its first office in Seoul, South Korea. Some seven years later, in 2020, ACN officially named this office “Korea Chung Nam Corp” (“KCNC”) and recognized its affiliation with ACN. KCNC participates in trading wastepaper and recycled pulp in conjunction with its overseas counterparts such as ACNJ, HKCN, other Asian affiliates as well as its U.S. Headquarters. KCNC also provides import and export logistics services such as container shipping, multimodal transportation, quality control and customs clearance.  It serves as a key logistical hub for ACN's activities in this region of the world.

KCNC makes effective use of recycled resources, expands its recycling business through a global network, and cooperates with other major paper manufacturers to advocate conservation of energy and promote the growth of local economies.

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23, Gangnam-daero 84-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 08703, Republic of Korea

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