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Proudly established in 2018, Taipei City, Taiwan, ACNTW is a subsidiary of America Chung Nam (“ACN”), a U.S.-based company specializing in trading, transporting and exporting commodities. ACNTW supports ACN by recruiting top talents to fulfill overseas operational needs. ACNTW primarily provides IT and logistics assistance to ACN-US Headquarters, ACN-Europe and other ACN Asian affiliates and business partners.

IT-related Services

  • SAP Information Software and Application Support

  • AWS Cloud System Management

  • Various Information Storage and Safety Support such as Emails and Firewall Updates

Logistics Related

  • Multi-modal transportation

  • Bulk shipping



  • Internal Audit

  • Miscellaneous operational support

Ocean Ship.jpg

Ocean Logistics


Woodchips and Drybulk

7F-3, No. 146, SongJiang Rd., ZhongShan Dist.,

Taipei City 10458

Republic of China (Taiwan)

TEL: +886-2-2555-1685

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