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Proudly established in 2018, at Taipei City, Taiwan, America Chung Nam Taiwan ("ACNTW") is a subsidiary of ACN, providing back-office support for ACN in the areas of information technology (IT), and other related logistical support functions, for ACN and ACN's various overseas subsidiaries in Japan, China, Korea, and the European Union.

IT-related Services

  • SAP Information Software and Application Support

  • AWS Cloud System Management

  • Various Information Storage and Safety Support such as Emails and Firewall Updates

Logistics Related

  • Multi-modal transportation

  • Bulk shipping



  • Internal Audit

  • Miscellaneous operational support

Ocean Ship.jpg

Ocean Logistics


Woodchips and Drybulk

7F-3, No. 146, SongJiang Rd., ZhongShan Dist.,

Taipei City 10458

Republic of China (Taiwan)

TEL: +886-2-2555-1685

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