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Founders & Shareholders

Yan Cheung and Ming Chung Liu

founded America Chung Nam (ACN) in Los Angeles in 1990.

The vision was to create an innovative company culture based on long-term relationships with all stakeholders that would ensure its ongoing success in any economic climate. During the next 20 years they grew ACN into a billion-dollar company and a global leader in providing an integrated supply chain for recyclables around the world. In 1995, they founded Nine Dragon Paper Group, now the largest and most successful containerboard manufacturer in China. ​ This tremendous success was no coincidence, it was rather the result of their commitment and long-term vision, which today has become a reality worldwide.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief of Staff

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President
of Global Sales/Logistics

Executive Vice President
of Global Operations

Acting Chief Financial Officer

Accounting & Finance Team



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