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About ACN

We have shipped enough recycled paper every year to save...




Barrels of Oil


Acres of Landfill


Gallons of Water

Proudly founded in 1990 by two prestigious Chinese entrepreneurs, we are one of the world's largest exporters of recovered paper in the United States and a leading exporter in Europe and Asia. At ACN, we take our corporate social responsibility to develop an eco-friendly business process where the preservation of natural resources can substantially benefit our society from generation to generation. We export recovered fiber sources to paper mills in China and other nations where they can be converted into fiberboard, cardboard, and packaging. We source our materials through exclusive relationships with recycling facilities, waste management companies, and distribution centers. Engaged in the export of recovered paper in America, Europe, and Asia, we provide kraft grades, de-ink grades, pulp substitutes, groundwood grades, as well as a wide range of recycled pulp.

As a multinational global enterprise with hundreds of employees worldwide, we have been consistently recognized as a top American exporter to China since 2001 for 19 years consecutively. We are currently based in the City of Industry, California with additional offices in Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and throughout Mainland China.

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