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Supply Chain Management

Because most of our services are in-house, we add value by controlling costs at each step and dispatch our quality assurance teams to run final inspection at the ports. Our expanded transportation network throughout the United States enables us to have hands-on control of our products and services from start to finish. Our customer service team is available between 7:30 am to 7pm CST to assist with scheduling and booking services.

We deliver shipments to our clients with our critical advantages in multimodal transportation. From purchase order to pick up and transloading, from customer service to booking, from in-land trucking to ocean logistics, from indigenous system to third-party platform, our professional supply management team offers a holistic, comprehensive and adaptable service for a win-win result.  


Key Features of Our Supply Chain


  • Integrated System

  • Synchronized Demand and Supply

  • Expedited Responsiveness

  • Optimized Process

  • Reduced Costs

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