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ACN Europe exports its millionth container

America Chung Nam BV (ACN Europe), Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has shipped 1 million containers from Europe to Asia. This milestone was celebrated in mid-September 2015 at the ECT Euromax terminal in Rotterdam.

Suppliers, employees, logistical partners and other invited guests celebrated the send-off of the 1 millionth container. “It is a major contribution to the volumes moved through our port,” said Pex Langenberg, vice mayor of the city of Rotterdam. “But maybe even more important is that it is a major contribution to the recycling of used materials, benefitting us all,” he added.

ACN Europe directors Wade Schuetzeberg and Teun Huizinga, on behalf of Yan Cheung and Ming Chung Liu, owners of America Chung Nam, ACN Europe, said the milestone is the result of a talented and dedicated group of employees with diverse backgrounds who have created a unique and dynamic company culture. (Yan and Liu also founded Hong Kong-based Nine Dragons Paper [Holdings] Ltd., a leading recycled-content paper manufacturer with several mills in China.)

ACN Europe has calculated that the 1 million containers of recycled commodities shipped has led to the following savings of resources:

  • 430 million trees;

  • 600 million cubic meters of water;

  • 229 million barrels of oil; and

  • 101 million megawatts of energy.

The recycling performed by ACN Europe also has helped offset the use of 15.5 million tons of CO2, according to the company.

Established in 2000, ACN Europe has focused on the procurement and export of recovered paper, with its activities spread throughout Europe and based in offices in Rotterdam and in Manchester, United Kingdom.


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