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Founder & Shareholder


Ming Chung Liu and Yan Cheung

founded America Chung Nam (ACN) in Los Angeles in 1990.

The vision was to create an innovative company culture based on long-term relationships with all stakeholders that would ensure its ongoing success in any economic climate. During the next 20 years they grew ACN into a billion-dollar company and a global leader in providing an integrated supply chain for recyclables around the world. In 1995, they founded Nine Dragon Paper Group, now the largest and most successful containerboard manufacturer in China. ​ This tremendous success was no coincidence, it was rather the result of their commitment and long-term vision, which today has become a reality worldwide.


Chief Executive Officer

Teresa Cheung joined ACN in 1992 and is now our CEO. She has overseen the corporate direction of our global field operations by focusing on strategy, leadership, and innovation ultimately growing ACN into the global titan it is today.

Chief Operating Officer

Sam Liu started with ACN in 1999. He was the RVP for China Sales Department for almost 14 years. Now, as our COO, he ensures our Marketing Team is purchasing the right volume of waste materials for the right price and at the right time.

Chief Financial Officer

Landon Chang joined ACN in 2020. Landon currently leads the global finance and accounting teams in providing strategic, transactional and analytical support. Landon is not only well equipped with sophisticated knowledge and experience, but also committed to people and teams.

Executive Vice President

of Global Marketing

David Zhang joined ACN in 2014 as a customer service representative and worked his way up to become the Marketing Manager of his department. In late 2021, he was promoted to the Executive Vice President of Global Marketing. He leverages his professional insight and experience in wastepaper and woodchip trading to continuously position ACN for growth in a diversified market.

Executive Vice President

of Global Sales and Logistics

Luke Liu joined ACN’s logistics division in 2011 with a business degree in international logistics from Shanghai Maritime University. Throughout his career in ACN, he has been in many departments and has been put in charge of various domestic and international projects for the company. He was promoted to the Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Logistics in 2021.

Executive Vice President

of Global Operations

Reg Zhou With more than a decade serving in various operation roles within ACNI organization, Reg understands how to work together to deliver success. Through investing in people, communication, and streamlining the process, he continues to push for operational accuracy and efficiency. In late 2021 he was promoted to the Executive Vice President of Global Operations.

Chief of Staff

Director of Global Cash Management

Catherine  Liu joined ACN in 1996 and set up ACN’s overseas offices in Hu’men, Guangdong, China, Seoul, South Korea, and Hong Kong, SAR. Accomplished since her early career, Catherine is a visionary who embraces cross-border business opportunities and relationships. Currently she oversees the cash management division of ACN and uses her market insight to predict the trend of global money market.

Managing Director Asia-Pacific

Faye Zhang In 2007, ACN Japan K.K. was founded with Faye as vice general manager. In 2013, she also became the managing director of the Asia Pacific Region (overseeing Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) and became CEO of Tianjin ACN Resources Co., Ltd.
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