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ACN: Who We Are, What We Do

Direct Supplier to the World’s Leading Consumers of Recovered Paper.

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ACN: Who We Are, What We Do 

Twenty years ago, the United States alone generated more than 47 million tons of paper and packaging material a year, creating massive amounts of paper headed for landfills all across the country.

ACN’s founders, Yan Cheung and Ming Chung Liu, saw this as an opportunity. They recognized that the enormous amount of paper, instead of merely being dumped into landfills, could be a resource for paper mills that convert recovered paper into packaging materials and other paper products around the world.

They began business as America Chung Nam with a clear vision and definitive purpose: to create an innovative company culture based on strong working relationships and unmatched services.

Although ACN started out as a small player in the recovered paper market, we quickly grew into a billion-dollar global organization. We believe our success is the result of our core business principles — trust, integrity, responsibility, and a firm commitment to the ongoing success of our business partners.

Direct Supplier to the World’s Leading Consumers of Recovered Paper

  We handle a wide range of recovered paper grades, including mixed, ONP, magazines, OCC, DLK, office paper, and other paper grades.

In 1995 our founders established Nine Dragons Paper in Dongguan, China. Since then it has grown to become one of the five largest and most successful mills in the world and the largest containerboard producer in Asia. Nine Dragons now operates 29 paper machines at its 6 major paper-making bases in China, with a current, and growing capacity approaching 14 million metric tons a year. Put simply, Nine Dragons sets new standards for technology and productivity as well as social and environmental responsibility.

ACN is the primary supplier to Nine Dragons, giving us direct access to one of the largest buyers of recovered paper in the world. This is a tremendous advantage for our suppliers, enabling us to provide them with business continuity regardless of fluctuations in the global market.

We also maintain close relationships with other major paper manufacturers throughout China, providing priority order fulfillment, insight into paper supply in key markets, and on-time delivery — optimizing their supply chain.

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